Last Post of the Year 2009

I know updates have been lacking recently but as most gamers know, it's this time of year (the holiday season) when most games get released, and consequently, I've been struggling to find time to complete all of them!

Dragon Age: Origins has been finished once but I still want to play it some more to give it a chance in the difficulty department. I found the game a bit too challenging for a particular character I picked so I need to see if that's the case for other classes as well... ETA for this game could be well into January since it's a long game.

I'm almost at Level 30 in Borderlands and progressing through the story - no idea how far I actually am in terms of plot but I'm guessing either mid-game or just past mid-game - I don't think this'll be finished anytime soon either!

I also striked a copy of Modern Warfare 2 for X-mas (thanks Gs, you know who you are :)) - I should be able to finish this pretty quickly so expect a review of it mid-January.

Finally, to add to the delays I've been playing Need for Speed: Undercover since it was too cheap to pass (purchased it over Steam). I was hoping a review of this would be really quick (someone boasted on one site that it took them 4 hours to complete) but this isn't entirely true I've found. Anyway a budget review for this should be up soon.

Once all the 2009 game reviews are complete, I can then do the usual Game of the Year awards - expect this sometime in late February.

So just decided to wish all my readers (yes, all two of you) a choicest 2010! Hope to see you back reading Choicest Games in the new year!