Lack of updates

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates - thanks to the acquisition of three new games over the past month (Tropico 3, Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origins) I've been kept quite busy trying to finish them all so I can finally review them! Dragon Age: Origins has been taking the most time and I've finally finished it... once - although I prefer to play games thoroughly so I may have to play it a second and maybe a third before posting a review :).

I've also completed most scenario islands on Tropico 3... most have been easy so far but the remaining few are getting a bit trickier, but my "Coward" character trait doesn't really help when it comes to fighting Rebels!

Borderlands has taken a back seat as of late but I'll be sure to play with some guildmates soon (provided they *want* to) - some have already completed the game...