Game Music of the Day - Star Control II

Now this is a great soundtrack! I actually first heard about Star Control II while searching for info on best game soundtracks... a pretty old article by Gamespot mentioned it amongst its top 10 - so I thought it was worth checking out. Thankfully, the game is now freeware so it was easy to acquire. To my delight not only was the music as good as they promised but the game was pretty awesome too.

Each race had a theme song that fit its character perfectly - the cowardly Spathi had an almost frenetic theme song filled with panic, the Slylandro had an almost playful theme to reflect their naive and curious nature, whilst the Humans had industrial dance music, since after all they were the industrial powerhouse behind the former Alliance of Free Stars.

For those of you who loved the music from the game as much as me should check out the Precursors website where the original composers have remixed the tunes for the new freeware version of Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters.