Guild Wars 2 Trailer Released!

ZOMG! ZOMG! I'm so excited that a Guild Wars 2 trailer has finally been released! At least it may abate the fears of some fans that GW2 is vapourware. Of course it's too early to discount that theory completely but at least it proves to the fans that some progress has been made (since the latter part of the video shows in-game footage) and while it retains a similar artistic style to the original Guild Wars it looks like graphics have been slightly improved, with better textures and effects.

I love it how in the video they feature stills from five of the races that will be available in the game - I'm especially liking the Asura at the moment and their technological know-how :).

Also good to hear Jeremy Soule's work again and how he's incorporated the Eye of the North theme into the trailer music!

This new video has also coincided with the release of a new website dedicated to Guild Wars 2. There isn't much there yet but if you want to check it out, it's over here (and is it just me, or does the Guild Wars 2 logo look suspiciously similar to the Dragon Age: Origins one?).