Game Music of the Day - Bubble Bobble

Ahh Bubble Bobble, I remember playing this on my 486 (although a 486 was probably overkill I suppose)! So many levels to play yet the same theme song throughout (resulting in you memorising the theme whether you like it or not!) - somehow this video has more than one song though (including Flight of the Bumblebee), so either the other songs weren't as memorable or the PC players got short-changed in the music department!


  1. Choice! I've spent many months with that playing in the background... my cousin and I only ever got to about level 84 or something on the PC before we ran out of credits... finally finished it when MAME came along :D

  2. Haha so you played Bubble Bobble too? Wow Level 84 ain't bad! Can't say I ever played it at the arcades although every so often you still see it in "retro" sections :).


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