Battlefield 2 gets a new patch

It's been a long time (and I can't believe they've finally decided to give a new patch after focusing so much time to their new ventures) but Battlefield 2 is scheduled to receive a version 1.5 patch on the 2nd September.

The main good news is that those with Vanilla BF2 (e.g. myself) get Euro Force and Armored Fury for free in the next update (yay) - although those who bought them might not take too much solace in that fact! Also there have been quite a few other tweaks to the game. Apparently AA is more effective at targeting now and apparently they've made checks to "runway grieving" (don't know how they'll get around that).

In terms of hardware support they've finally allowed BF2 to take advantage of more than 2GB of RAM (maybe finally faster map load times?) and added native widescreen support (which means no more tweaking to get your widescreen monitor to work)

Internode Games has got more info.