Guild Wars Eye of the North Soundtrack Review

  • Name: Guild Wars Eye of the North Original Game Soundtrack

  • Label: DirectSong/Artistry Entertainment Inc.

  • Composer(s): Jeremy and Julian Soule

  • Number of Tracks: 33

It was not long after I purchased the Guild Wars Prophecies soundtrack that I looked into getting my hands on a copy of the Eye of the North soundtrack. Once again Jeremy and Julian Soule worked on this album that took the music of Guild Wars into another direction.

Artistic Merit (67%)
Overall the quality of the tracks in this soundtrack are much better than Prophecies (and Jeremy Soule has had a couple or so years to refine the sound, so it figures). The instruments sound a lot more realistic (or maybe they even are real instruments) and the music sounds a lot more heroic as the brass section of the orchestra is used frequently. My favourite pieces tend to be the heroic-sounding ones that also incorporate a bit of the original Guild Wars Prophecies theme ("Beyond the Northern Wall", "Overture from Eye of the North" and "Song of the Shiverpeaks". This helps to remind the player/listener that they're in a foreign land although it has links to the original Guild Wars Prophecies storyline.

The woodwind sections of the orchestra also get good use in this soundtrack - tracks of particular note are "The Doomlore Flame" and "Horns of Gunnar's Hold".

There's also quite a bit of combat/action music this time around, and this was also the case with Nightfall. There is some good stuff in there too.

Value (100% - Good)
This album isn't as good value as the Prophecies soundtrack but it's still pretty cheap at USD $9.99! Just like Prophecies it's available as a direct download from DirectSong and has no DRM.

Length (100% - Good)
Not as many tracks as the Prophecies soundtrack but it's still got quite a few!

Total Score: 89%
For those interested in obtaining this album, visit DirectSong, register an account with them and then you're ready to order the album online with your credit card. Once the payment is approved you can download the soundtrack straight to your computer :).

Beyond the Northern Wall - Jeremy Soule

Song of the Shiverpeaks - Jeremy Soule

Horns of Gunnar's Hold - Jeremy Soule