E3 Videos

Yes E3 is well and truly over but I thought I'd review some of the games that appear interesting and their trailers. First up we have Need for Speed: SHIFT. It's looking very nice and it's good to see EA trying hard to appease the realism fans out there. Note that this Need for Speed is intended to have realistic damage. It also allows you to view around the entire cockpit and that part when you hear the heavy breathing? Apparently that's part of the game too when you enter tricky situations.
Next we have a trailer for Alpha Protocol. The trailer highlights how you get multiple choices when dealing with a situation. Obsidian Entertainment calls it the "3 JB's" (i.e. act like Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer or James Bond) and it seems to be used to effect in this trailer.
Can't say I like the new Dragon Age: Origins trailer too much (what's with Marilyn Manson in the background?) but I'm still looking forward to this latest Bioware offering:
Awesome trailer for Mass Effect 2 - and is that a Mini-Nuke cannon I see? Maybe the crew at Bioware have been playing a bit too much Fallout 3 recently :P:
Didn't actually play much of Mafia II but I have friends who rate it highly and the general atmosphere (especially the soundtrack) was excellent in the original:
Finally a new trailer for Borderlands! Too bad it's very short:
I'm not usually a fan of MMORPGs but a cops and robbers MMORPG sounds like a good premise. Here's APB:
Left 4 Dead 2 is already on its the way and here's the hilarious debut trailer:
More trailers on the next post (reason being I can't put too many labels on one post!)...