TF2 Sniper Update details released

Looks like some details about the new sniper update for TF2 has been released. At the time of this article there are currently three pages of info. To summarise:

1. The Sniper now gets an unlockable new weapon which is basically a bow and arrow. Apparently they slow down your enemy and the arrows stay embedded in any enemies you hit with it.

2. A couple of new arena maps and a new type of map which is a payload race. Basically it's like payload maps but both teams are racing to get their cart to the finish line.

3. The sniper get's this shield on his back called the "Razorback". It basically prevents spies from backstabbing you, at least once. After it gets hit it disintegrates.

Even if a bit inaccurate on Australia's geography and history, and clearly inspired by Crocodile Dundee and other stereotypes, it's good to see they've displayed the info in the form of a postcard back to the sniper's mum in Australia :).

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