Puzzle Quest Galactrix is next in line

Well I've received Puzzle Quest Galactrix, installed it and started to play it. So far so good. There are some minor annoyances in terms of the interface but everything else seems fine. I'm currently at level 8 and working through the missions, but you've really got to love the hexagonal grid or else the game can become boring, since it's used for just about everything (even haggling and opening gates, not just your typical combat and crafting as was the case in the original Puzzle Quest). I'm glad to say my fiance is enjoying it too, although she tends to get frustrated when the AI gets random bombs out of nowhere... and with Puzzle Quest Galactrix there's six potential ways they can come in, instead of one....

There's apparently around 100 quests and I've already done maybe 20 of them, so provided the game doesn't have widely diverging storylines/experiences depending on your character, I'll probably have a review up in another couple of weeks.

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