"Noob" to be 1 millionth word in the English language?

According to an article in Gamespy, apparently the gaming term "noob" may in fact have bestowed upon it the honour of being the 1 millionth word to be added to the English language.

It's probably not too surprising with an even larger number of people playing games nowadays and perhaps even a larger PERCENTAGE of the population playing them (at least in the developed world). Languages tend to always evolve and sadly I have a prediction that the word "you're" will be one of the next to go, replaced by the often used "your". I also anticipate apostrophes will be used whenever you want to create the plural form of nouns...

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  1. ...with the 999,999 word going to the composit ffs-heal

    i wonder if part of the official definition includes the exclamation mark at the end which so regularly follows in every-day useage


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