A majority of Australians are "gamers"

And before you ask me why I put "gamers" in quotation marks after reading this report, why not scroll down to the comments to see why :). Yes, it is most likely true that when they mentioned "gamers" they meant just about anyone that's touched a console controller/microphone (in the case of Singstar)/guitar controller (in the case of Guitar Hero)/buzzer (in the case of Buzz!)/nunchuck (in the case of a Wii)/etc. Okay so what if these people aren't the typical nerdy gamer that a lot of us (myself included) are that plays D&D RPGs on their PCs but it's good to get statistics on what is becoming a more important industry - and it's good to know that with a statistic like that, there'll be at least more people who are accepting of gaming as a valid past-time, not as something reserved for social outcasts!

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