Gamespy Article mentions Three Reasons to Look Forward to Sims 3

Gamespy has run an article mentioning three reasons why people should look forward to Sims 3. To summarise, they are:

1) The ability to customis Sim personalities by specifying five traits instead of "slider bars"

2) Lifetime Goals

3) Ability not to only share previously available custom-made creations as was the case with the Sims 2, but to create movies too (so a bit like The Movies where you get to make and share videos online).

I'm not so excited about point 3 and point 2 is a welcome change, even if it is very similar to the aspirations system you had in Sims 2. However, point 1 has got me pretty excited. You'll apparently have sixty traits to pick from and they'll have quite a visible effect on your Sim's behaviour. As Gamespy mentioned, picking a kleptomaniac slob for example would result in your Sim constantly stealing stuff and living in a messy house.

The question is, will the reduced baby-sitting of your Sims from previous games means the game will become *too* casual? Will the players be actually able to *play* the game or just be mere spectators? I think this will be the biggest challenge for the Sims 3.

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