Duke Nukem GONE Forever?

It seems rumours are circulating that 3D Realms is dead which means the infamous Duke Nukem Forever may instead be GONE forever (or at least until someone buys the rights to the franchise). I never really got into the Duke Nukem series but I'm sure there are a lot of fans that are sad to hear that - or then again maybe happy since if someone with more money buys the rights to the game, they can at least provide something tangible within a few years time (instead of over a decade)!

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  1. Apparently there have been some leaks of the artwork/gameplay recently. Check this out:


    Real shame :(

  2. Indeed looks like it was going to be fun! Anyway the franchise is too big a name to just let go, I'm sure work will resume on it in some form or another :) (although won't be the same without 3D Realms behind the helm!)


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