My Age of Booty Experience - Off to a shaky start

Well I decided to pay the USD$10 (or roughly AUD$15) and see how good the final product was. Purchasing it online was quite easy from the Capcom Store and I finished the download of about 100MB with no dramas. After installing Age of Booty and running it for the first time though, the dreaded SecuROM reared its ugly head. In order to run the game you need to activate the product with a serial key that's provided in your e-mail - okay fair enough, I guess that's how they prevent distribution of the game to several people. However, I unfortunately found out that my key is invalid so now I'm waiting on responses to a couple of support e-mails I sent. I don't fancy my chances of getting a reply soon but here's hoping they do... can't say I'm too impressed so far!

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  1. Dammit, yet another game that don't tell you that they're using Securom. A real shame on Capcom to treat their customers so.

    I'm not going to get into the argument of whether there should be DRM or not, or even how much access DRM should be allowed.

    It is very disappointing however that many publishers deem it neccessary to treat their legit customers as criminals over the actions of the few.

    It is far more dissapointing that these publishers will put intrusive DRM, such as the latest Securom, software into the clients computer without their knowledge and/or permission.

    Don't they understand basic human psychology? If you treat a normal human being as a criminal, that person will eventually start behaving as such.

    They claim to combat piracy, but if they treat all customers as potential "pirates", what is the likelihood of some of the customers turning into these "pirates"? Yaarrrrr....

  2. Heheh yeah - I mean it's annoying since I paid my money expecting to be able to play the game immediately and now I have to wait God knows when until someone from either SecuROM or Capcom tech support (none have replied so far) decides to help me. I can tell you I'm not going to be rating the game very well when it comes to the "Polish" category! :)


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