Game Music of the Day - Super Mario Bros.

After being disappointed with the lack of PC game music in the top 100 listed in the last post, I had a further search on YouTube for a better selection of games that would rate on my list. I managed to find one and began to bookmark the several games that I deemed to have pretty damn good soundtracks. Over the next few days I'll run Game Music of the Day articles which will have a link to one of garudoh's excellent selection of videos and a bit of info on the game and composer.

So without further ado, the first game to be mentioned could be none other than Super Mario Bros. The theme tune to this game is of course, very popular and even non-nerds can easily identify the theme. Mario is of course now Nintendo's mascot and there are still games being released with this iconic character.

The man in the photo is Koji Kondo, the composer of the music behind Super Mario Bros. actually composed music for several other Nintendo titles. He still composes music for Nintendo to this day, his most recent work being Wii Music in 2008.

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