Bioware reveals some information on Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2

Bioware has revealed a bit of information after a couple of interviews done by GameTrailers. Check out the video here:

To summarise the info about Dragon Age: Origins (even though some is already known):

- Game is spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate
- It's going to have a dark and gritty feel to it

- There are six distinct "Origin Stories" - although each Origin Story can be quite a bit different depending on how you create your character. One such story is apparently very different depending on if you play a male or female character.

- You can start off playing as a Warrior, Rogue or Mage (Hmmmm Diablo 1 anyone?)

- The Project Director, Dan Tudge, commented that one of his favourite sequences in the game was when in one of the Origin Stories, he decided to leave his friend behind, only to find several hours later in the game, he discovers a man in a cage which actually happens to be the friend he left earlier. He has a chance to redeem himself by saving him.

To summarise the info about Mass Effect 2:

- The game is aimed at further exploring what happened to the Reapers, what is Humanity's place in the galaxy, and how the rest of the galaxy reacts now knowing that there is a greater threat out there.

- The Project Director, Casey Hudson, still didn't reveal whether Sheperd is dead or not, but mentioned that all will be revealed at E3 (which will occur in June)

- You may be able to see the game from different viewpoints

- Importing your old save game will mean a different start to the game than people who start from scratch

- There is mention of the "Elusive Man" in the book Ascension, apparently he is going to make an appearance in Mass Effect 2 (I've yet to read the book, D'oh!)

- There is no space combat in Mass Effect 2 but there are plans to do it at some stage in the Mass Effect franchise

- When asked about whether there'd be an alien sex scene, Casey mentions that romances will be done as well as they were in Mass Effect 1. You can however take even more people on your missions so that means even more romance options.

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