Red Alert 3 adds "Deauthorise" feature in version 1.05 patch

It appears that amongst a whole bunch of balance changes, bug fixes and UI tweaks, EA has decided that they'd relax on their DRM again by now allowing you to install the game as many times as you want, provided that you only install it on one machine at a time. A new "Deauthorise" feature allows you to effectively redeem the authorisation to play the game on your computer and use it to play on another machine. Actual text below:

Added DRM Deauthorization into both the launcher and Options
menu in-game. Clicking the "Deauthorize" button will deauthorize
the computer from playing Red Alert 3, allowing players to
run the game on a different computer. Restarting the game on the
original computer will reauthorize Red Alert 3 on that machine.

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