SecuROM Affected Games List

If you're curious about whether your game has SecuROM as its DRM check out this list:

I was shocked to find several games I had already purchased already had SecuROM on it (in fact, 13, going just by that list). Now while it doesn't bother me too much that a publisher is trying to protect its games (even though it's probably futile since in the end, the pirates *will* find a way to get their hands on a copy) and to be honest, I can put up with the odd disc check I think the final straw for me was when EA decided to add activations to its DRM (which seems to be a customisable feature).

I'm surpised the second-hand game sales stores are not up in arms about this issue since it'll most likely affect them more than anyone else by preventing the sales of every second-hand PC game that has SecuROM and its activations scheme (it won't take long for a user to use up his/her 3-5 activations, unless he/she only plays it once or for a short time).