Red Alert 3 Released Today!

For all you Australian readers, Red Alert 3 is being released today in Australia. I managed to pick up my pre-ordered copy of the Premier Edition yesterday from GAME and got more extras than you can point a stick at (where did that expression come from anyway?). All up I got:

- Red Alert 3
- Red Alert 2
- Beta key for a "future C&C game"
- Key to get a bonus item in Warhammer Online (yeah as if I'm going to use that! Might give it to one of my guildies if it's possible)
- Poster of the girls in Red Alert 3 (conclusive proof of which demographic the game is targeted for)
- Red Alert 3 original soundtrack CD
- Bonus CD with exclusive wallpapers, Making of.. documentary, outakes, etc.
- And another Bonus CD with God knows what on it
- Exclusive GAME map.

Funnily enough, I was only interested in RA3 and the soundtrack but anyway, can't complain! So far, haven't had too much time to play it but I've done a bit of the tutorials which are narrated by three tanks from each of the factions (you heard right). Not such a bad way of doing it!

So far the game has crashed once during the tutorial (which is a bit of a worry, considering I've already patched it to 1.03 too!) although fortunately haven't experienced any crashes since then.