What's Firaxis working on now?

Considering Civ IV: Colonization is complete and the Firaxis site is kind of bare with any news of upcoming titles, you may be curious as to what they're working on now.

Interestingly, there's been a lot of recent job offers at Firaxis (15 at the time of typing) so it seems like they're ramping up for something big. Some interesting bits of info:

- Calls for a software engineer to implement an engine for the PC, PS3 and Xbox360.

- Calls for a "Senior Level Designer" who will apparently be involved in the "layout and lighting of final levels in Unreal 3" and requires "experience with the Unreal engine".

- Calls for a "Senior Concept Artist" to "develop story-boards for in-game cinematics".

To me, it looks like Firaxis are working on something quite different to their usual playing field so they may be working on new original content. Of course Civilization V will be in the pipeline but perhaps they're branching away from Civ for their next title? I'd love it if they could create a remake of Covert Action but that's probably a bit too much to ask for (especially considering Sid himself says he doesn't like the game's formula).