Starcraft II to be a trilogy

Okay, so you're not confused that doesn't mean Starcraft II is going to be part of a trilogy (i.e. that doesn't mean there's going to be a Starcraft III, although I'm not saying there won't be either :P) - what it means is that Starcraft II is going to be split into three campaigns - with two of the campaigns being released as expansion sets. Each campaign will focus on a different race and the first one we're getting is based on the Terrans. Blizzard are planning to base the second campaign on the Zerg and the third, on the Protoss. Here's some other info:

- Multiplayer with all three races will work out of the box for the first campaign. Buying the expansions will give you extra units, abilities and structures to use in multiplayer

- Each campaign will contain a whopping 26-30 missions.

- Blizzard chose to create three separate campaigns in order to make the overall storyline more epic.