Starcraft II lore revealed

A recent Gamespy article revealed some details about Starcraft II's plot (shortly after the announcement that Starcraft would be a trilogy). To summarise:

- Series is character driven. The first game in the series is basically "Jim Raynor's story".

- Raynor is basically the "incorruptible lawman" but apparently he's no "saint" and that's what will be explored in Starcraft II

- A man from Raynor's past called Tychus Findlay is "what Raynor might have become had he made some different choices". They were once once partners and outlaws that parted ways fourteen years prior to Starcraft II.

- There will be several characters that represent an "ethical pull" on your character and while they may not alter the ultimate ending, they will change Jim Raynor's character (sounds a bit like the influence system in Knights of the Old Republic 2).

- Kerrigan was apparently created as a joke to counter Westwood's "Tanya" in the Red Alert series. They named her after Nancy Kerrigan who was in the news at the time. However she became much more developed as the project moved on.