The Sims 3: Info about the Town and a Collector's Edition

Some interesting info on how the town will be like in The Sims 3 found here on a blog entry by Associate Producer, Joann Lio. To summarise:

- Each neighbourhood in the Town has a different style. It appears your neighbours will be different too (so it's possible that you'll have different socioeconomic groups depending on how close they live to town, the beach, etc.)

- Nicer spots cost more to build in (so you now have land value in this game - seems like they're incorporating some aspects of SimCity into it!)

- Living further away also means you spend more time commuting to work.

- Places to visit in the Town include: a public swimming pool, the gym, art gallery, public park or the Town Library.

Also in more recent news, it's been announced that there will be a Collector's Edition available for purchase. The Collector's Edition apparently comes with a 2GB Plumbob USB Drive (in case you don't know what a plumbob is, it's the little green diamond you usually see above a Sim's head), a European sports car download and "more"!