Red Alert 3 gets 4/5 from Gamespy

Red Alert 3 got a respectable 4/5 stars in a recent Gamespy review. To summarise:

- Comedy is likened to the cult comedy "Airplane!" (or "Flying High!" as it is known here in Australia).

- Red Alert 3's units are wacky and ridiculous - which is one of its strengths.

- Soundtrack is apparently amazing and so is the voice-acting.

- FMV cut-scenes are also so ridiculous that they are a strength.

- Single player campaign is a bit simple, being mostly like a skirmish but can be heaps of fun with co-op which results in "a marvel of teamwork or a comedy of errors".

- Hardcore RTS gamers may find the strategic model a bit too simple for their tastes.

- Soviets are best at building big and hitting hard, the Allies rely on versatility andthe Japanese are a fast, hit-and-run army that rely on stealth and transforming.

- Key "innovation" of game is the return of naval units.

- Red Alert 3's multiplayer is where it really shines and the super-abilities that each unit gets makes the game accessible to "newbs" whilst still rewarding the more skilled players as well.

- "It's not a game that will redefine strategy gaming, but it is one heck of an enjoyable ride."