The Music of Red Alert 3

An interesting blog entry has surfaced from Red Alert 3's Audio Director, Nick Laviers (and there I was hoping that Frank Klepacki was to be the audio director - well at least Nick had the sense to recruit Frank on the team :)). To summarise:

- Nick came up with two parameters when figuring out the style for Red Alert 3's music: (1) the music must be tongue-in-cheek, just like the game, and (2) it has a musical "heritage" laid out by Frank Klepacki in the previous Red Alert games.

- Two modes of music exist: "Combat" and "Exploring".

- Combat mode music would obviously be similar in style to Frank Klepacki's music.

- Composing for Red Alert 3 took about 4 months with a team of around 5 composers.

- Due to the possibility of the player being in combat for a long time, combat music was split into three types: (1) neutral combat music - the default, (2) losing combat music - if you're taking heavy damage, and (3) triumphant combat music - if you're highly likely to win the fight.

- There's another mode of music called "Up Yours" which is basically a short ditty based off your enemy's style of music when you take significant damage from one of their superweapons (nice)!

- Recording was done at Skywalker Ranch.

- Red Alert 3 has 114 minutes of original music - not including the remixes and edits.

- The game features 29 campaign missions which all have mission-specific music in addition to the dynamic system music