Is C&C Generals 2 next?

Well Red Alert 3 is almost upon us so it got me thinking, what is EALA going to work on next? A quick search revealed a post by a Andy Robinson from CVG in August. He discovered that querying whois on who owns the rights to a "" domain name belongs to EA! He also mentioned that EA were giving beta keys away for a "future C&C game" with the Premier Edition of Red Alert 3.

Put two and two together and perhaps there's a chance that Generals 2 will be the next game? Quite frankly, I think that'd be awesome. I know some C&C purists don't believe Generals was a true C&C game and I would agree, it wasn't - the C&C tag was just a marketing ploy. However, you have to assess the game on its own merits and I had a lot of fun with it when it was released.