Gamespy reviews Colonization Remake

Here's the first of Gamespy posts that happen to be directly related to games I'm interested in at the moment. First we have Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization (which as mentioned before, I've already played). Since the actual title of the game is a moutful, I shall try and just call it "Colo" from now on :P.

The Gamespy review has given it a fair score. My initial opinion of the game is that it's a fun and addictive little game (all Sid Meier games tend to be) but it's not without its flaws (so it doesn't deserve a perfect score). According to Gamespy, the usual game takes about seven hours. Now when I played it, it only took 2-3 hours so I find that claim a bit dubious although things that could have possibly increased playtime are difficulty (since the Indians haven't decided to bother me on easiest difficulty) and micromanagement (if you don't use the automated trade routes, you'll be moving those wagon trains quite often). The standard game is only 300 turns which is much shorter than your average Civ game.

The Gamespy review also mentioned that the game was difficult and I can concur with that. I'm still on easiest difficulty and have yet to win the game - yes I know, I'm a n00b, but I never remembered Colo being so difficult (however I can give myself some credit since I'm basically having to unlearn some Colo tactics since now the game is a mix of Colo and Civ IV).

Gamespy also makes an interesting point in mentioning that the game's multiplayer is basically pointless since most of the time you're too busy focusing on building up your economy, fighting natives and preparing for the eventual battle for independence, that fighting another enemy would be too costly.

Be sure to check out my review of Colo once I've played it for a sufficient amount of time :) (of course I'll have to finish my Spore review first, but don't worry, that's on it's way :)).