Gamespy awards Fallout 3 with a perfect 5/5!

Gamespy has given Fallout 3 a perfect 5/5 stars in a recent review which means this game has got to be reasonably good! To summarise:

- Even though many hardcore fans may think that Fallout 3 is basically "Oblivion with guns", Gamespy claims that even though it resembles Oblivion in some ways, it's far more superior in many others.

- Storyline is claimed to be "engaging and entertaining" - much better than Oblivion's typical fantasy storyline (and so you would hope IMHO!).

- Has an aptitude test that is kind of similar to previous Bethesda games where doing the test determines which skills you're best-suited to using by the way you tackle situations. Fortunately, for the power gamers out there, you don't need to accept the recommendation.

- Very replayable

- FPS controls aren't that good, but then again it's not meant to be an FPS at heart.

- Spend a lot of time in combat using the VATS system.

- One problem with VATS is that most players would target for head or torso (since the former ensures a quicker kill and the latter an easier shot) - however I don't really think this is a fair comment since the original Fallout games suffered from the same problems. True hitting different parts would cause different effects but it's obvious that the head and torso would be likely targets.

- For those of you who thought Oblivion's skill levelling system was fundamentally broken don't fret, Fallout 3 doesn't mimic it. You can now only level when you've got the prerequisite XP (basically more like a traditional CRPG).

- Explorable world is the true gem of Fallout 3. Exploring the world could well take 100+ hours and the side quests are apparently fun. Main storyline could be done in about 15-20 hours.

- Can't use game's fast-travel system unless you've already visited a location.

- You'll want to save the game quite often since encounters with giant Radscorpions or Deathclaws could mean the end of you.

- Graphics and the environments are breathtaking

- Music from Fallout 3 consists of classical music, 40s music and 50s music. Helps to immerse you into the world.

- Some minor audio issues with speech.

- Games for Windows Live's achievements system is not transferable to another machine.

At the time of this post, the Australian release date for Fallout 3 is the 31/10/08 - so not long to go!