Far Cry 2 to use SecuROM

It's been confirmed on the official forums but it looks like that Ubisoft are going the way of the Dodo... er I mean, EA and deciding to incorporate SecuROM DRM into their upcoming release, Far Cry 2. I wonder if they've heard about the lawsuit against EA for their use of SecuROM (note the pdf the link directs to takes a few seconds to load)?


  1. It seems like it will take a major lawsuit loss for the gaming industry to take notice that although they think that such security measures are effective, the consumers are very unhappy about it.

    When you have unhappy customers, they will seek to either avoid purchasing the games altogether, or although illegal, seek to purchase or download a pirated version off the internet. This would be counter productive, since loyal customers may feel discriminated against, and seek alternative methods to play that game.

    SecuROM is hardly an effective DRM, classic example was Spore, where the pirated version was released the day after release in Australia, even before the official release date in America.

    This is truly EPIC FAIL.

  2. Well, there goes my purchase of it. I am now proud to be part of the "0.2%" cabal



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