Call of Duty 5 Gamespy Preview

Looks like Gamespy has provided a preview of Call of Duty 5: World at War. Apparently, all news about the game is good and it's proving to be a gritty experience. To summarise:

- The co-op mission that was previewed had an objective where not one team member was allowed to die.
- Fortunately fallen teammates have a "Last Stand" mode where it gives a short time for mobile teammates to come over and revive.
- Reviving teammates awards you with a lot of experience.
- Teamwork is essential.
- Graphics/Audio are spectacular and so are scripted sequences - basically what you'd expect from the Call of Duty franchise.
- The game intends to show the true horrors of war and consequently appears to be more violent and gruesome than previous Call of Duty games.
- Multiplayer is said to be a blast with even controllable vehicles.
- Long kill streaks awards you with bonuses like radar, artillery strikes and Gamespy's favourite bonus: attack dogs!