Review: Space Siege

Mark asked me to write a review on Space Siege by Gas Powered Games when I've completed the game. Now that I've completed the game, I thought I'd share with you my experience with Space Siege.

For those of you who have experienced Dungeon Siege, this game may appear to be totally different on the surface, with the nicer graphics in Space Siege, and have the setting on a huge colonisation space ship. However, the game is still very much another Diablo clone, with the click-a-thon method of control. Granted, you now also have a skill bar and using the 1-0 keys to activate the skills, it still doesn't seem to make much difference to the gameplay. The skills you can pick up and utilize are too few and simplistic in my opinion. It would be more interesting if you had a larger variety of skills available, but then limited you to use only 10 of the skills. Thus, making you be more careful in terms of how you want to set your character up.

The storyline behind Space Siege, is set in the future, where an alien race, called Keraks, has invaded Earth and sought to destroy all humanity, hence humans set off in huge colonisation spaceships to escape and secure the safety of humans. Unfortunately an alien vessel, called a "pod", had attached itself to your ship, which you discover once you woke from cold sleep.

Although in the game, you can have different endings, the storyline still feels very rigid and linear. You end up running around completing the quests/missions... and most of the areas are all corridors, in the most linear fashion. The decision on what ending you will have depends on how much humanity your character has remaining, since you sacrifice your humanity by replacing body parts with cybernetic enhanced components. However, the storyline seems to be a little too short, as the ending seemed rather abrupt.

The multi-player mode, tested with Luke, seem to be half decent. You slowly build up your character with the upgrade parts you collect along the way. However, you skip past the storyline, and just enter instances. Also, in multi-player mode, it is a shame that your character does not have access to your robotic sidekick, HR-V, from the storyline.

I think overall, Space Siege is a rather mediocre game. I was fairly disappointed since the developer, Gas Powered Games, also developed Dungeon Siege, which although is quite old now, was a fairly fun game to play. The only saving grace with Space Siege, is the multi-player option, but not by much.

Rating: 4/10