Interview with Bioware's Greg Zeschuk about Dragon Age: Origins

Well seems like Dragon Age is still plodding along and it seems like good news for Baldur's Gate fans (and any fan of Bioware's oldskool RPGs) - Dragon Age is a spritual successor of those games.

What's good to hear is that the game is being released on PC exclusively! It may be ported to other consoles later but apparently Bioware felt that Dragon Age was the kind of game that could only be truly experienced properly on the PC (not sure why their other games for the past few years couldn't be on PC first as well and I think the interviewer was trying to steer the conversation that way too).

Another thing I found interesting is the mentioning of not two but three archetypes. Usually Bioware games have an alignment system which basically map to a good/evil axis (e.g. Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and Mass Effect) - however in Dragon Age apparently you'll have the usual "Hero" and "Tyrant" but you also have one called "Martyr" (perhaps a more neutral, introvertive, self-sacrificing path?). Shall be interesting to see how it turns out.

Check out the interview here.