First game of Colo = humbling experience!

Well somehow playing on easiest difficulty (Pilgrim) as George Washington resulted in me losing my first game D: - I feel like such a n00b. Granted I haven't played the game for about 12 years and this game is slightly different to the original, I still thought that I'd least finish Pilgrim difficulty without any problems.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I thought George Washington would be the best match for my strategy and while I *did* manage to get an army the same size as the Royal Expeditionary Force (and this is excluding the 1000+ guns and horses I had prepared for more militia if need be) - their guns didn't fire once because I couldn't declare independence! Unfortunately, even though I noticed I had 100 turns left and I was trying to focus all my efforts on liberty bell production, it was too late - I could only get 25% Rebel sentiment and the game was over.

I've now decided to play again except with John Adams to see if I fare any better.