Civ IV: Colonization Leader Traits

Just stumbled across a Colonization fan site that has a Colonizopedia containing some information about the leaders. Check it out.

I think I might be going English first time I play (to follow my ancestral roots) and I might choose George Washington since he gets a -50% unit equipping cost bonus. While John Adams gets a nice +25% Liberty Bell production the only problem I have with this is (1) assuming Liberty Bell production is still the way you increase rebel sentiment = quicker way to get independence, who wants to become independent if you're not ready to fight? and (2) considering the English get an immigration bonus, there's probably a higher chance of getting Elder Statesman compared to other nations anyway - still we shall find out if this theory works in practice :).

Of course if playing a multiplayer game and friends picked George Washington I'd need to have a list made up for other choices - I'm guessing it'll be like this:

1. George Washington (English)

2. John Adams (English)

3. Adrian Van der Doeck (Dutch) - 100% time between tax increase = more time to prepare for war and more money made

4. Peter Stuyvesant (Dutch)

5. Samuel de Chaplain (French) - Increased conversion rate from missions means more colonists

6. Louis de Buade de Frontenac (French)

7. Simon Bolivar (Spain) - 100% effect of liberty bells on rebel strength means it should be easier to fight the war of indepdendence (provided you have enough rebel sentiment!)

8. Jose de San Martin (Spain)