Age of Booty Release Date

Some more news/confirmations on Age of Booty:

- The game will be $10 for PC, that seems to be final. Of course, that's probably $10 US which means at the time of this article it is $12. However depending on distributor (more on that below) they may give us "special" increased Australian prices.

- No further details on who is distributing yet, although apparently they're going for a large number of them.

- It appears that so far the game is going to be download only (bummer) but I guess that's why they can offer such a cheap price (I'm oldskool though and like actually holding something tangible to indicate I own the game :)).

- A closed beta is about to occur and an open beta will follow shortly after. Depending on the progress of the betas, this will determine when the game is released.

- My personal opinion is that this game will probably be released sometime in November - that gives two months to beta test a game that shouldn't be too complex (at least not as complex as an RPG for example where you have thousands of dialog trees to test).


I've received a very prompt reply to this post from D.A.R.Y.L. over at Capcom. It seems the beta may be over much sooner than I thought and the price of the game will universally be $10. Check out D.A.R.Y.L.'s blog post.


  1. Check out my blog on for answers to your questions. Give me about 10 minutes to get the post up.

  2. Hey DARYL,

    Awesome I'll check it out. Quite excited about this game :)!

  3. The blog is up and with a link back to yours. You actually inspired two out of me, making up for none over the weekend.

    Your excitement will be well rewarded. I'm quite proud to have my name associated with this one. :-)

    Enjoy your blog post!
    - D.A.R.Y.L.

  4. I'll return the favour - nothing like going straight to the source :)!


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