Tim Willits from id Software, talks about Rage

Here's some points that summarises this Gamespy article about id's upcoming Rage:

1. Uses id Tech 5 engine

2. Part FPS, Part Vehicle Combat

3. Post-apocalyptic setting brought upon by comet colliding with Earth. You wake up to find the world in anarchy even though there was meant to be a plan to rebuild the Earth in the event such a catastrophe eventuated.

4. Driving the vehicle is meant to be simplified and not realistic. This is to appease FPS fans who might not like driving realism.

5. Driving will offer multiple ways to complete missions. You can for example drive past danger and take a safer route, or go head-on.

6. Functional and aesthetic modifications will be available for your vehicle.

7. You'll have an in-depth inventory system (sounds a bit RPG-ish doesn't it? Not your typical id FPS!)

8. Multiplayer for Rage will be more co-op focused than deathmatch (which other upcoming id titles "Quake Live", "Doom IV" and "Wolfenstein" will offer).