Tilted Mill to produce Hinterland

I think it's a good premise and even though some people are critical about Tilted Mill's past games (Children of the Nile, Caesar IV, SimCity Societies, etc.), I actually enjoy them to some degree. They're good casual games that you can use to de-stress after playing more competitive or difficult ones :).

Hinterland apparently mixes the RPG and City-building sim genres (what Tilted Mill is renown for) by allowing you to run a little hamlet in a fantasy kingdom. Basically, in order for your hamlet to grow, some ingredients need to be gathered from the monsters roaming in the wilderness. This is where you gather a party of your villagers (since each villager has stats) and get them to go on quests to slay the monsters for loot. It sounds like a clever idea that may just work. Not to mention you can't complain about the price: they're aiming to charge only $20 for it (apparently it's direct download - most likely on Steam considering Children of the Nile is on it).

According to Gamespy, it's out Q4 2008.