Sims 3 Site Updated

Well it's been about time, but the Sims 3 website has been updated and it looks like they're now promising to give more regular updates to the site over the coming months.
This month they've decided to start with a feature on the new "seamless neighbourhoods" that exist in the game. Basically, in the old Sims games, each house was its own microcosm and they all acted pretty much independently of each other. The only contact you having with the outside world being the other Sims in the neighbourhood who you could invite over. However this created an interesting abberration: in the Sims 2 ageing was introduced and while you were at a Sim's house, they would age - but their friends who came to visit, wouldn't - meaning the whole neighbourhood was out of sync (if you played with one Sim more than another, two Sims who were originally the same age could end up a generation apart). Perhaps this new "seamless neighbourhood" feature though will put an end to that.