Red Alert 3 Site Update: Q&A and The Dolphin

Once again some new Red Alert 3 site updates. Once again we have some more questions answered in the Q&A which can be summarised below:

1. Mirage tanks have a mobile gap generator which cloaks other units. It also has the innate ability to disguise itself with the surroundings (as it used to do).

2. Spies cannot bribe aircraft or construction yards.

3. Tier 1 base defences can be placed on land and water. However, non-amphibious infantry obviously cannot man the ones placed on water.

4. Japan was finally decided as a side since it fit in well with the alternate WWII storyline plus there was a lot of Japanese culture through anime and manga that the team could use as inspiration for the side.

And we've also got the return of The Dolphin from RA2. Check out its details:

1. Pretty much the same in every respect as the RA2 dolphins except they can now also leap in the air to avoid harm.

2. They apparently have a "superior scan range"

3. They're apparently not expensive.