New RA3 unit profiles: Sky-Wing and Stingray

2 new unit profiles from the RA3 website were posted recently. One is of the Japanese transformer (TRANSFORMERS... MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.... sorry couldn't help myself :P) Sea-Wing/Sky-Wing and the second is the Stingray, a Soviet amphibious vehicle (there seems to be a lot of amphibious vehicles in this game!)

Anyway, the Sea-Wing/Sky-Wing summarised:

- Has two modes - a submarine mode where it can surface to shoot down aircraft with its AA guns (but it can't attack other naval targets.... which is kind of strange) and an aircraft mode where it can fire a weapon that is good against weak targets.
- In Sea-Wing mode, it's almost totally undetectable whilst underwater.
- Principally used as a spotter for battleships.

And the Stingray summarised:

- Armed with Tesla coil-guns
- Can perform a Tesla surge that electrocutes everything in the surrounding water. Mainly used to kill off Allied dolphins.
- Not as maneuverable on land as in the water, the Stingray still has the ability to walk on land (it looks a bit like a robotic spider) if the need arises.
- Stingray's are lightly armoured.