Gamespy previews Spore's Civilization Phase

Another interesting preview of the highly anticipated game from Maxis, Spore has been typed up by Gamespy.

This time Gamespy got to play around with the Civilization Phase of the game. To summarise:

- The Civilization Phase starts once you've established a capital city. Then the entire planet is unlocked.

- In previous phases, you're fighting for survival from other animals - the Civilization Phase assumes you've become the dominant species on the planet.

- As you build your capital, people from your species will settle new empires. It's up to you to unite the various empires together, through peaceful or aggressive means.

- This Phase of the game ignores individual creatues.

- The Phase instead focuses on cities, vehicles and resource nodes.

- You can choose the architectural style for your buildings.

- You can also design military vehicles.

- Each city is ranked according to income, happiness and defense.

- You must choose a specialisation for your first city: Religious, Economic of Military. It is apparently important since this will determine what strategy you use against your first opponent. An economic city cannot produce tanks.

- Three ways of taking over cities which corresponds with the specialisations: by religious, economic or military conquests. It also corresponds well to the happiness, income and defense model for cities. Low happiness = easy religious conquest, low income = easy economic conquest and low defense = easy military conquest.

- Gamespy worries that the strategic model may be a bit too simple for hardcore gamers. The victor of battles is the simply the one who brings the most tanks along.

- Taking over four cities unlocks flying vehicles.