Gamespy gets a glimpse of Sims 3 gameplay

Gamespy has recently typed up a preview of The Sims 3 after watching a demo of it actually functioning. To summarise:

- As mentioned before, the whole neighbourhood progresses in time now rather than individual lots as in previous The Sims games.

- Because of the above point where you live does matter since it determines how long it takes to visit friends, the shops or go to work.

- Bad news for micromanagers: other Sims are doing their own thing like changing jobs or having babies and you can't do anything about it! The games seems to be aimed directly at casual gamers.

- Sims now have traits like "Good Conversationliast", "Schmoozer", "Extremely Materialistic", "Ambitious" and "Party Animal". These all affect your Sim's personality. Apparently there's a lot to choose from.

- Gone are the 1-10 attribute bars like "neatness". This has been replaced with the "Neat Freak" and "Slob" traits.

- Many other statistics relating to mood have been chucked out as well. Only Energy, Food, Bladder and Entertainment are tracked.

- Instead of bad, normal and platinum moods, Sims now get "moodlets". For example when they study at a library they could be in a "studious moodlet" which makes them study more efficiently. If a loved one dies they might experience a "mourning moodlet", etc.

- Character customisation is even more detailed. Heavy-set people actually look it and you can actually change different layers of hair.

- You can even customise clothes with your own patterns now.