EA announces Shipping Date for Warhammer Online

For you MMORPG fanatics out there, September the 18th is the date to pencil in as that will be when Warhammer Online is released (although if I'm reading it right, it's an early release for those who pre-order the game).

Subscription fees for the game are (with Australian Dollar equivalents):

- Monthly subscription: $15USD = $16AUD
- 3-Month subscription: $42USD = $46AUD
- 6-Month subscription: $78USD = $86AUD

So for one year, it'll cost about $172 Australian Dollars in subscription fees.

The most exciting news I could gather from the announcement is that the servers going live will be located in North America, Europe and Oceania - hopefully by "Oceania" they actually mean Australia which will be a great boon for Australian MMO players.


  1. Woo Hoo bestus game caomeing and cheaper than WoW too

  2. Is it now? Can't say I'm into the whole MMO scene - but it definitely looks like it has some nice features (namely the Realm vs Realm warfare) - plus as per a conversation I've had with a guildie of mine, he made a good point that Warhammer is probably going to bring in a lot of new players who aren't traditionally MMO players just because of the franchise's popularity.


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