Warhammer Online Preview by 1UP

A short preview posted up by 1UP reveals how Warhammer Online will differ from other MMOs out there. Once again, summarising the preview:

1. Will be focused for players who don't like spending more than 20 minutes at a time of gaming. There's a major focus on the concept of "public quests" in this game where you may stumble upon a part in the persistent world doing the same quest as you.

2. At the completion of quests (I like this feature) you'll be sub-divided loot that is appropriate for your character and depending on how much help you actually provided in the battle as a whole. So if you helped a lot expect to get big rewards in return.

3. They also mentioned again the fact that you have Realm vs Realm combat.

4. One cool feature is the ability to make your own guild emblem, but not only that, you can then use it as part of your standard and then one of your guild members can wield it as a weapon (not to mention any members within a certain radius gains benefits from it)!