Warhammer Online News

Firstly, Warhammer Online launched their Guild Beta on the 11th. I had no idea what they meant by a Guild Beta but it seems it's just a normal closed beta except restricted to 10,000 guilds (so you have to create the Warhammer guild BEFORE you even have the game in order to play I suppose). Apparently 750,000 applicants applied (that's quite a lot of applicants!). Apparently, many of the applicants had extensive MMORPG experience.

Secondly, there has been an interview published by MMORPG.com with Mark Jacobs, Vice President and GM of Mythic Entertainment (Second part of the interview is here). To summarise (as I so often do :)):

1. EA Mythic has been renamed to Mythic Entertainment. EA has apparently become more relaxed in terms of branding developers it acquires - perhaps they're now letting good developers do their own thing, give them more freedom to be creative (Maxis would be the most early example of this).

2. Mythic has partnered with Punkbuster to introduce an anti-cheat system for Warhammer Online.

3. Number of Capital Cities in the game has been reduced from 6 to 2.

4. 4 Classes are being cut out of the game.

Seems that all these cuts that Mythic have introduced means they're rushing to get the game out the door - I wonder if EA truly is giving more freedom to the developers besides a name change? Although apparently Mythic claims it's not the case.