Spore Preview by Gamespy

Gamespy has completed a hands-on preview on the latest build of Spore and have attempted to answer the question plaguing everyone's mind, "Spore seems great in terms of the ability to create stuff but is there any game there?". Gamespy were worried that the game would be like Black & White: great in terms of interacting with your creature but a pretty shallow game underneath.

Some facts about Spore from this build (some are old ones, some new):

1. The cellular phase has you choosing whether you're going to be a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Choosing which path you go will give you different options and abilities further down the track.
2. Like many games these days, Spore has an Achievements system. For example, the Gamespy team by not killing any other organisms during the cellular phase got a "Pacifist" achievement.
3. Gamespy concluded that there were plenty of hard decisions to make and are convinced that there is good enough gameplay here to keep people occupied