Soundtrack Reviewing system

Hey all, this'll be my first game soundtrack review on this blog. I've decided to adopt this scoring system when it comes to reviewing musical albums:

- Artistic Merit: This will be on a track by track basis. Each track will be given a score of 0, 1 or 2. 0 indicates a track that is clearly filler and has no merit whatsoever (relatively rare). Most tracks will get a score of 1 where they're okay or they have some talent in its composition. 2 points are reserved for tracks that stand out from the album - the ones you always go back to play and play it again. All scores are added then divided by the number of tracks multiplied by 2.

- Length: Indicates how much music you're getting on the album. If it maxes the space on your CD it's obviously a very long length - if it's only a couple of tracks totalling 15 minutes, it's not very long. Also uses a 0,1,2 scale where 0 is short, 1 is average and 2 is long.

- Value: Just a final score that gives me a chance to decided whether the . Again it uses a 0,1,2-system where 0 means it's not good value, 1 is decent value and 2 is a bargain.

The three scores are expressed as percentages, added then divided by 3 to give the final percentage.

I've just finished my Mass Effect OST review - I just need to get some further details before uploading it.