Red Alert 3 Site Update

Once again a massive update by the Red Alert 3 team. Firstly let us go through the Q&A they've answered recently:

1) Engineers won't be able to capture fallen mechs, but Natasha can snipe pilots out (like Jarmen Kell from C&C Generals) so that any infantry can steal it.

2) Dolphins are similar to RA2 dolphins in that they attack by amplified echolocation. They however have a secondary ability which allows them to leap out of the water to dodge torpedoes.

3) Moving a construction yard results in you losing any researched technologies if the appropriate buildings are outside the construction yards radius.

4) You can use superpowers on your allies (e.g. Iron Curtain to make your ally's unit invulnerable).

5) Unit creation buttons will be stylized to look like a graphic novel.

Secondly, let us check out the two new unit profiles, a RA fan favourite, the Apocalypse Tank and the new Allied Assault Destroyer (although maybe not so new since they did have destroyers in RA1 IIRC).

The Apocalypse Tank is summarised below:

1) It can roll over anything, including other tanks.
2) Powerful dual-cannons makes short work of other vehicles
3) Its disadvantages are that it's slow moving and has no AA (I think that's a new weakness)
4) Its secondary ability is a magnetic harpoon that can bring vehicles closer to its threads so it can crush them.

The Assault Destroyer is summarised below:

1) At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary ship but amazingly the Assault Destroyer is amphibious! It can actually traverse over land!

2) The Assault Destroyer is heavily armed and armoured.

3) The Assault Destroyer's secondary ability is a black hole armour generator that redirects any hostile fire towards itself, keeping vulnerable allied vehicles out of harm's way.