Red Alert 3 Site Update

Once again, the Red Alert 3 site is a hive of activity. Two new Japanese unit profiles have surfaced including another Q&A. Not much news in the Q&A so I'll move onto the units...

Firstly, we have the "Tankbuster". This unit appears to be the Japanese anti-armour infantry unit that uses a laser gun to melt vehicles. As in previous C&C games the anti-armour infantry does have a weakness and once again, that's from other basic infantry. The Tankbuster does have a special ability however that enables it to minimise damage: they can burrow underground - however this prevents them from attacking while in this mode.

The second unit is a special unit for the Japanese: "Yuriko Omega" (which sounds suspiciously like a parody of "Yuri Prime" from RA2). She is basically the psychic unit for the Japanese, and seems almost impossible to kill. She can levitate which means she can go anywhere, she can use a "psychokinetic blast" to knock down large units of infantry, and she can destroy buildings and tanks with ease.